QR tour for health
The tour includes: individual rehabilitation course Q-Recovery, a full range of accommodation, wellness and recreation services in the hotel complex "Gold of Altai" located in the picturesque places of Altai.
a unique development that promotes the recovery of the body
100% natural composition
Has no side
Compatible with any complex
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как Q-Recovery поможет вашему здоровью
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after Vaccination
You can get vaccinated and maintain the usual quality of life with
Q-RECOVERY after Vaccination.
100% natural composition
The composition of Q-Recovery capsules contains extracts from Siberian cedar cones, chamomile, rosehip root, birch.
Restorative effect
The action of the product is aimed at restoring damaged body systems.
Wide range of applications
It is permissible to use the product for any diagnosis, in complex therapy or without it.
Cleansing effect
Provides detoxification of the body after prolonged use of various therapeutic drugs.
Recovery of the body
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