Raw material source
The main component of Q-Recovery capsules is Siberian cedar, collected on the northernmost cedar ridge of its growth. The beneficial properties of this particular plant raw material are due to the harsh conditions of survival. The ripening period of the cone is about
4 months.


Old recipe
When studying ancient texts and writings, a recipe for a decoction of cedar was found, which was used to heal a wide range of ailments.
The developer of Q-Recovery improved the recipe based on knowledge
about the beneficial properties of herbs and plants, as well as thanks to his own development of the extraction process.
Modern processing technique
Multi-stage extraction stages, along with ultra-low temperatures, allow you to preserve the maximum of natural substances, extracting the necessary components from the unique composition of raw materials.
Effects on human homeostasis
Q-Recovery capsules, when ingested, affect internal sensory receptors (interoreceptors), which trigger the body's responses aimed at stabilizing homeostatic constants. As a result, the human body is recovering.
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