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The quintessence of Q-RECOVERY homeostasis consists of substances obtained by extraction from natural raw materials. We use all the useful substances that the healing tree Cedar gives us.

Our food additive is two-component: the first component of the food additive is the Quintessence of homeostasis, the second component is the Catalyst of the quintessence of homeostasis.

All substances are of plant origin, and not artificially synthesized. They do not cause allergies, addiction and are easily absorbed by the body.
Thrombin is an enzyme that is an essential component of the blood clotting system. Thrombin is involved in the processes of restoring the internal balance of all human systems and organs.

Taking Q-RECOVERY capsules significantly increases the level of thrombin production. This makes it possible to cope with acute and chronic diseases, normalize blood pressure, breathing, sleep, and stabilize the emotional state. You help your body to overcome stress and get into a state of balance.
The Q-RECOVERY wet wipe helps the body to get rid of toxins through the lymphatic system, reduces elevated body temperature.

The unique composition of the Q-RECOVERY wet wipe allows you to use it as an additional protection against bacteria. It is ideal for treating wounds and abrasions.
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